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Roulette Strategy

The first thing you should realize is that every roulette spin is a new and unique spin. Therefore, the outcome of each spin is not pre-determined by or based on the outcome of prior spins. This means that the probability of every possible roulette outcome is exactly the same with each spin. The same way any given player’s luck has the same probability of being up or down on any given spin. The game of roulette is a game of chance, and there is no roulette strategies that can overcome the built-in advantage of the house.

Many roulette players, though, do have a method to their play that verges more on superstition than on strategy. A lot of roulette players base their strategies on the digital display that all online and most offline casinos use to track the previous 12 or 18 numbers that have been called. Some players place wagers on numbers that fall most often, called “hot numbers.” Other bettors put their money on numbers that haven’t come up frequently, with the hopes that they are due. Another player strategy is to play as many numbers as possible in order to increase the chance of picking the winner, but this does considerably decrease the payout.

Some players play only the number that came up on the previous spin, hoping that it will come up twice in a row. Another roulette strategy in a land-based casino is to copy the bets of other players, who have been winning at the table, thinking they have discovered a bias or that they are just lucky.

The bottom line is that any of these methods are as good as another and are just as likely to pay off as if you play your birthday, anniversary, or favorite number.

Some fervent land-based roulette players do study things at their favorite casinos looking for common dealer moves or wheel handicaps. For example, once in a while long-time dealers, after time, will release the ball at the exact angle every time with the exact same velocity on every spin. Some players are able to see the numbers that pass when the dealer lets go of the ball; therefore, they can predict the approximate place the ball will fall. Another example is the thought that a wheel can be spotted that may show a bias. For instance, a wheel may be off balance or perhaps the ball has worn a track on the wood that leads to the numbers. Sometimes the frets between numbers, which are made of metal, have been worn to have different heights. While most casinos check wheels very carefully on a frequent basis, it can happen. All of these instances would have to be checked by tracking thousands of spins. Just because a number comes up three times in six spins does not mean that you have caught a bias.

There are some roulette strategy systems and methods, in addition to money management systems that many avid online roulette players study and implement, but no method is proven. If studying roulette theories and odds is intriguing to you, you are not alone. By all means, enjoy yourself learning and using these interesting systems. It is likely that luck will be on your side at least half the time!

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