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Roulette Tips

Before you play roulette for the first time or the hundredth time, consider these tips to help you get in the psychological mindset that is required to play the game at a healthy mental level:

        One effective betting strategy is to make your goal to win more money in a fewer amount of winning spins.

        Should you be influenced by the results of previous spins, train yourself to bet with the outcome, not against the outcome. Either way, you will ultimately realize, it doesnít make a difference. Putting your money on the law of unequal distribution will always be your best bet.

        If you are having a really bad run, donít chase the win for too long. Know when to cut your losses.

        If you are having a really good run, pocket your gains and only play with your original bankroll.

        Donít count on winning big in roulette. Approach it as a game of entertainment. If you concentrate on the money, chances are you will be disappointed and end up feeling desperate.

        Donít bet on the big wagers that sugar coat big wins, requiring you to make a guess on one single winning number.

        An intelligent roulette bettor makes a series of well thought out wagers. Be consistent; donít bet all over the table just for the sake of playing recklessly.

        Make peace with the house advantage. You will not be able to get rid of it or alter it, but honestly, you donít need to. If you make the casinoís edge your enemy, you will lose. Think about it like a rake or tax towards the salary of the dealer, but donít let it eat you up.

        If you have a choice between European roulette and American roulette, choose European, which offers the player a better advantage.

        The five-number bet that includes 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 gives the house an edge of 7.89% (in American roulette). Never make the mistake of placing this bet.

        Gambling and mathematics don't mix. In mathematics you will always know exactly what to expect, and you will always get that result. In gambling the opposite is true; you never know whatís going to happen. If you did, you wouldnít be gambling. Even if there was no house advantage, it is unlikely in roulette that you would ever come up with the right answer by mathematically calculating winning possibilities.

        Just to help you wrap your head around the probabilities of roulette, think about this: the probability of a four-number sequence coming up twice in the same order is one in two million.

        The two main factors that will determine how much money you win or lose at roulette are your luck and when you decide to quit.

And finally, there are certain casino advantages that you can play against and certain player advantages that you can use in your favor:

Casino advantages:

Playerís desire for more money
Playerís lack of self-control
Time; the longer the player stays, the higher his chances of running out of money


Quit while you are ahead
Set a gambling limit and donít go over it
After you have reached your goal, walk away

Playerís advantages:

The player gets to choose when and where he bets
The player gets to choose the amount of his bet
The player can quit at any time


Play more than one number every spin
Up your bet after a win, not after a loss
Quit a winner or limit your losses

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